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The « Mission Terre-Océan »

The three masted schooner "La Boudeuse" in Paris (photo by Valérie Labadie)

The three masted schooner « La Boudeuse » in Paris (photo by Valérie Labadie)

The endowment fund « Mission Terre-Océan », created in march 2011 by the association « Ecole de l’Aventure » and the ONG « Acted », is working on the important environmental, climate, societal and human priorities. In that purpose, the endowment fund « Mission Terre-Océan » supports projects of general interests, with it’s expeditions on the ship « La Boudeuse ».

The ambition of these missions is to participate in the protection of the planet for the futur generations. Centered on the biodiversity, the fight against climate change, the protection of the environmental protection, the sustainable development and the heritage preservation, these missions promote the dialogue of cultures that is necessary for an international cooperation. The spirit of these missions aims to promote a real « humane ecology » based on the sustainable development.

A stakholder community with convergent aims

The « Mission Terre-Océan » has a steering community wich participates in the definition of the project of the endowment fund, in it’s development and it’s promotion. The members of that steering community are participating, for some of them, in the expeditions of « La Boudeuse » since ten years. Others, that are sensitive of the values of this project and it’s actors, bring their experience and contribute to expand the target of the initiative. This community is the head of bow of this ambitious initiative, including and open to all that wishes to mobilize at their level for a sustainable development.

The Mission « Objectif Paris 2015 » – « La Boudeuse » in Paris during the COP21 (Climate Change Conference)

Until early 2016, « La Boudeuse » is moored in the « Gros Caillou » harbour, in the center of Paris, for mission « Objectif Paris 2015 ». During this period, the ship is opened for visitors, and various events take place on the schooner on the margins of the COP21. « La Boudeuse » is also an interactive space for dialogue and exchange dedicated to the « Zéro exclusion, Zéro carbonde,Zéro pauvreté », with meetings, debats, workshops, conferences, etc.

The mission « Objectif Paris 2015 » also aims to inscease the visibility of this outstanding schooner, notably throug visits dedicated to the youth and school audiences, as well as guided tours opened for general public every Saturday (each hour from 10am to 13am and 14pm to 18pm).

During it’s berth in Paris, private events can be organised on board the ship, with a maximum of 80 guests.

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The "Mission Terre-Océan"

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