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The endowment fund Earth-Ocean

The endowment fund « Earth-Ocean Mission », created in march 2011 by the association « Ecole de l’Aventure » and the ONG « Acted », is working on the important environmental, climate, societal and human priorities. In that purpose, the endowment fund supports projects of general interest, among wich the missions of the ship « La Boudeuse ».

The ambition of these missions is to participate in the protection of the planet for the futur generations, promoting a real humanistic ecology. Centred on the biodiversity, the fight against climate change, the protection of the environment and the sustainable development, these missions also promote the dialogue between cultures, necessary for an international cooperation.

The « Earth-Ocean Mission » has a steering commitee wich participates in the definition of the project of the endowment fund, in it’s development and it’s promotion. The members of that steering commitee bring their experience and contribute to expand the target of the initiative. This commitee is the head of bow of this ambitious initiative, inclusive and open to all that wishes to mobilize, at their level, for a sustainable development.

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The endowment fund Earth-Ocean

The endowment fund Earth-Ocean All about the mission