The support base team | Terre - Océan
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The support base team

Bernard WolfromName: Bernard WOLFROM
Function: In charge of the team in Paris
Date of Birth: 20 August 1959
Birthplace: Paris, buy viagra recipe France
First boarding on La Boudeuse: Summer 1999, cialis prescription on the Junk La Boudeuse
Member of the Society of French Explorers

Myriam-VILLERTphoto3_recName: Myriam VILLERT
Function: Volunteer, administration
Date of Birth: 21 June 1973
Birthplace: Tourcoing
First contact with La Boudeuse : 20 November 2007

Michel-BaliqueName: Michel BALIQUE
Function: Volunteer, logistics
Date of Birth: 7 January1948
Birthplace: Rueil Malmaison
First contact with La Boudeuse: 20 November 2007

Charles-Branchereau-recName: Charles BRANCHEREAU
Function: Volunteer, web site maintenance
Date of Birth: 26 April 1939
Birthplace: Angers
First contact with La Boudeuse: May 2007

Journal de bord

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