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The crew

« La Boudeuse », a humane adventure

Since 17 years, Patrice Franceschi and his crew undertake expeditions around the world, on a chinese junk first, then on a three masts-schooner. These two ships were named « La Boudeuse », in honour of Bougainville, who was the first french navigator to accomplish a round the world journey on his frigate « La Boudeuse », during the Enlightenment. 

Reviving this heritage, Patrice Franceschi embarks multidisciplinary scientific teams : ethnologs, botanists, vulcanologs, entomologists, speleologs, geologs, to improve the knowledge of remote regions. Writers and philosophers also join the crew, as well as youg people, selected throug contests.

Among the permanent members, sont are based in Paris, others stay on board the ship. But all contribute to the same purpose : the success of their collective mission.  

More then one hundred men and women have been part of the missions of « La Boudeuse » since Patrice Franceschi started this beautiful project.

La vie à bord de « La Boudeuse ». Photos Jacques Bock



Journal de bord

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The endowment fund Earth-Ocean

The endowment fund Earth-Ocean All about the mission