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The crew

The Captain

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Patrice Franceschi, captain of « La Boudeuse ».

“Never for me the lowered banner”, one of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s most famous lines is engraved on the silver lighter given to the captain by the junk’s crew in 2000 to celebrate the new millennium.

A taste for danger, an aptitude for non-conformity, a desire for new discoveries and a need for freedom are, according to the Honorary President of the Society of French Explorers, the main qualities of an adventurous spirit. After 35 years of adventures on land, on the sea and in the sky, he dreamt up, planned and financed the expeditions of « La Boudeuse ».

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The crew


Almost one hundred men and women have been part of the world of « La Boudeuse » for about fifteen years. Fifteen to thirty of them are generally on board the ship during its sailings and its land expeditions. All crew members were selected and brought together by Patrice Franceschi. Many were already members of his crew on the Junk « La Boudeuse ». They took part in one or more expeditions of the exploration missions, in the jungles of New Guinea, the chasms of Borneo, the volcanoes of the Banda Sea, along the Amazon River, on Easter Island or on the lost islands of the Pacific Ocean…

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The support base

B.WThe members of this exceptional crew take turns on board « La Boudeuse » during it’s missions. Some are based in Paris operating as the vital support base, some stay on board the ship, and others live mainly on the expedition field sites. But all are working towards the same common goal: to make their collective mission a unique success both in terms of sustainable development and cultural dialogue.

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