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The captain

Patrice Franceschi

image002Writer, sailor and aviator
Honorary President of the Society of French Explorers
Member of the Society of Philosophy of Sciences

Captain of the three-masted schooner « La Boudeuse »

Patrice Franceschi definitely has several lives on the go at the same time, bringing together all the potential of an adventurous spirit in an “old-fashioned” job, that of a writer-adventurer. Of Corsican nationality and born in Toulon in December 1954, he first started travelling at three-months old in the luggage of his father, a young officer in the parachute regiment bound for Africa. That was the beginning of a long series of adventures. At young age he published his first stories and collections of poems, went on to become a pilot, diver, parachutist and professional sailor, whilst embarking on long studies in philosophy at the Sorbonne some time later.  Over three decades, whilst writing and producing documentaries, he carried out dozens of ethnological expeditions on all five continents and as many humanitarian missions in most warring countries. From 1984 to 1987, he was also the first pilot to fly around the world in an ultra light aircraft. In the 1980s he also offered his support to the afghan guerrillas who were fighting against the Soviet army and was involved in many struggles for national liberation and for the rights of indigenous minorities. 

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From 1999, he undertook long exploration missions on board a Chinese junk, named « La Boudeuse », in South-East Asia and in the Pacific Ocean in the spirit of the journeys undertaken during the Enlightenment. After the succes of the exploration missions, and on the way back to France, he lost his boat off the coast of Malta. But it is not a shipwreck that would stop him! So he decided to replace his lots Junk. He bought a Swedish three-masted schooner, renamed « La Boudeuse », which he transformed completely with the help of his crew and set off once again around the world. It is on board this beautiful three-masted schooner that he is since 2009 doing the missions « Terre-Océan ».

Main expeditions

  • Babinga – Pongo expedition, 1975, Pygmies of Congo
  • Yacumo expedition, 1976, Indian Macuje of Amazonia
  • Néferkara expedition, 1978, the Nile from the source to the sea
  • 1st world tour in ultralight aeroplane, 1984-1987
  • Papuan raid , 1989, Papuan of New Guinea
  • Thylacine expedition, 1990, In search of the Tasmanian Tiger
  • Wapoga 1 et 2 expedition, 1994, Papuan of New Guinea
  • Kihiri expedition, 1994, Papuan of New Guinea
  • Nabuabu expedition, 1995, Papuan of New Guinea
  • Otavella expedition, 1996, IIndian Macuje of Amazonia
  • Naga expedition, 1997-1998, Burma
  • Exploration campaign of the Junk « La Boudeuse », 1999-2001, Asia -Pacific
  • World tour of the three-masted schooner « La Boudeuse », 2004-2007
  • « Terre-Océan » mission on « La Boudeuse », 2009-2010, South America
  • Expéditions among the Sakkudeï people in the Mentawaï islands and the Saa people, in the Pentecost island, 2013, Indonesia and Vanuatu


  • Bourlinguer, poésie, Paragraphes littéraires de Paris
  • Aventures et voyages, poésie, Paragraphes littéraires de Paris
  • Au long cours, poésie, Éditions St-Germain des Prés
  • Quatre du Congo, Archipoche
  • Terre Farouche, Archipoche
  • L’exode Vietnamien, Arthaud
  • Ils ont choisi la liberté, Arthaud
  • Guerre en Afghanisan, La Table ronde
  • Un capitaine sans importance, Points Seuil
  • La folle Équipée, récit, Robert Laffont
  • Qui a bu l’eau du Nil, Archipoche
  • Raid Papou, Archipoche
  • Paona, récit, Éditions de l’Archipel
  • Chasseurs d’Horizon, album, Filipacchi
  • L’homme de Verdigi, Points Seuil
  • La dernière manche, La table ronde
  • De l’esprit d’aventure, essai, Éditions de l’Aube, J’ai lu
  • La grande aventure de La Boudeuse – T1, récit, Plon
  • Le chemin de la mer, nouvelles, Éditions de l’Aube
  • Avant la dernière ligne droite, Éditions Arthaud, Points Seuil
  • Le regard du singe, Points Seuil
  • Première personne du singulier, Points
  • Mourir pour Kobané, éditions des Équateurs
  • Il est minuit, monsieur K, Points Seuil
  • Combattre !, éditions de la Martinière

Main films

  • La Vallée Perdue – France 3
  • Retour chez les Macuje – France 2
  • Nagaland interdit – France 3
  • Les 33 Sakuddeï – France 2
  • Sur la piste de Wallace – France 2
  • Les mystères de la Sungaï Baï – France 2
  • Au-dessus des Volcans – France 2
  • Sous le vent de Bougainville – France 2
  • L’Odyssée de La Boudeuse – France 2
  • Le dernier voyage de La Boudeuse – France 2
  • On les appelle Yuhup – France 5
  • A l’ombre des Géants – France 5
  • Ces Hommes du Paradis – France 5
  • Ceux de Fatu Hiva – France 5
  • Au pays des Saa – France 5
  • Les bâtisseurs de la mer – France 5
  • L’archipel des Jarangas – France 5
  • Les fils de Sindbad – France 5
  • Au vent de la Guyane – France 5
  • L’or de Ouanary – France 5
  • Oyapock – Voyage
  • Raïba et ses frères – France 5
  • Trente saisons à Pentecôte – France 5

Humanitarian action

  • Head of mission for Somalia near the Minister for Health and the humanitarian action (1992-1993)
  • Permanent consultant near the Cabinet of the Deputy secretary to the humanitarian action and the human rights (1993-1994)
  • Former president of SOLIDARITES
  • Missions de terrain (1979-2001) : Afghanistan, Romania, Bosnia, Somalia, Sudan, Rwanda, Kurdistan, China Sea, Kampuchea, Congo, etc

Decorations & main prizes

  • Chevalier de la Légion d’honneur
  • Médaille de l’Académie de Marine
  • Lauréat de l’Académie française (prix Broquette-Gonin)
  • Médaille d’or de l’Académie des sports
  • Victor de l’aventurier
  • Prix Liotard de la Société des explorateurs français
  • Grande médaille de l’exploration de la Société de Géographie
  • Prix Relay 1993 pour Quelque chose qui prend les hommes
  • Écrivain de Marine (2014)
  • Prix Goncourt de la nouvelle (2015) pour Première personne du singulier


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