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Extended stopover in Brest

12:10 By Pascale

Having arrived in Brest on 24 October 2009 for its last stop in mainland France, seek cialis La Boudeuse is now waiting for favourable winds to launch it on its journey across the Atlantic.

Winds permitting, sale la Boudeuse will make this crossing via the Azores, the Cape Verde islands and Senegal.

The ship is scheduled to arrive in Cayenne, French Guiana around mid-December 2009; the crossing will be used as an opportunity for training the crew.

The first scientific teams will join the ship in French Guiana after the New Year celebrations and the “Amazon mission” will begin immediately. PF.

Addendum on 2 Nov: still impatiently waiting to leave due to adverse weather in the form of strong west to south-westerly winds that mean we cannot take the planned route.


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